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Wall art for
business care and hospitality

Want to decorate your office, institution or care facility with beautiful paintings and/or striking round wall art?

At HIP ORGNL® we offer free interior and other advice and tailored quotations with no obligation. You can also order on account and order our wall art mounted on different materials, such as acoustic panels.

Contact us at or call us during office hours on +31 85 30 34 318. We will be happy to assist.

A couple of senior citizens with a wall circle with flowers on it in the background.
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All wall decorations delivered within
24 hours*

Features Graphic HIP

Unique visual design

Diamond HIP features

Made of beautiful premium material

Characteristics Chiquematte HIP

Gorgeous matte finish

Paying on account HIP

on account

Art for your business – go for atmosphere

We believe in creating atmosphere. Every interior should be beautifully decorated, particularly if it’s an office, meeting room or care setting. These are places where many people work, reside and live. Scientific studies have shown that a pleasant atmosphere has a powerful positive impact on factors such as productivity and the state of mind of the people in the room. Naturally, this is something you want to encourage.

Make your setting unmistakable and unforgettable

An atmospheric space, with beautiful wall decorations, is better remembered and creates recognition. This happens especially with works
that evoke memories or leave a strong impression. At the same time, this also carries a certain message. What fits with
your identity and what do you want to be associated with? Quality, playfulness, elegance or warmth? The power of this effect,
on people in this space, should not be underestimated. And precisely in this (mood) determination lies our expertise.

Instant decoration for all of your walls

Workplaces, restaurants and care settings generally have large wall surfaces. Finding a quick and affordable way of decorating these surfaces is not always easy. With HIP ORGNL® wall art you can instantly create an atmosphere that makes a powerful positive impact. Create a playful collage with several small pieces or make a bold statement with a single large piece. You can also quickly create atmosphere in smaller rooms, such as waiting rooms and meeting rooms, with our luxury wall art. We will be happy to help you achieve the right effect and offer super-fast delivery!

Living room with three wall decorations with modern art on it.

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Style guaranteed, without worries

Don't know where to start or do you have a clear vision? We are happy to give a second opinion or help you with your choice.
We can also visualize spaces for you, so you get a good idea of what the result will look like. Our collections are
tailored to the most important requirements that determine a stylish painting on the wall. All works are made of high-quality,
premium quality and have a unique design or visual design. They have several special and distinctive features (our signature), allowing you to hang an exceptionally beautiful work on your wall. It shows in everything! In addition, it is our expertise to see what is aesthetic, timeless or just trendy. Therefore, every choice will not only be a good choice, it will create a wow effect!

Contact us at or call us during office hours
on +31 85 - 30 34 318. We will be happy to assist.

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