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Discover the colour trends, living styles and materials for 2022

Home decor trends for 2022

The new year is just around the corner and that means that we can already make a prediction for the living trends of 2022. The past year has particularly emphasised the importance of a cosy and warm interior. We've spent a lot of time at home, and this has also given some rooms multiple functions, such as work or sports space. This will all influence the choices we make next year. The key words for the interior design trends of 2022 are: personal, fresh, functional, durable, nostalgic and comfort. Discover quickly which interior design trends await us.

Bedroom bohemian style with wall decoration with a closeup of a plume.
A dining room with a wooden table with two wall decorations above it. On the left, a rectangular one and on the right a round one. In the middle is a window with white frames.

These colour trends we will see in 2022

An important part of the 2022 home trends is the use of color in interior design. There are numerous colors that will (again) gain in popularity. Because we have started to use our homes much more, we want to bring the outside in and create more tranquility. Think beautiful pastel colors, basic colors and natural tones such as blue-green, gray and sand tones. Also, this period creates a lot of need for change. We want to see more fresh hues in 2022, such as unusual yellows, pinks and corals. Also, updated colors from the retro period or the 1990s, will be more in demand. Black will also remain a popular color to emphasize solid lines in the home, such as for window frames, doors and stairs.


Living trends of all times with our personality

The past few years have made us more nostalgic. Social media makes it easier for us to get in touch with things and memories from the past. Vintage, retro, and art deco home accessories are easily found. But also the 'new vintage' from the '90s, or even '00s, we see a lot in the interior design trends of 2022. We find it more important that our interior reflects our personality. On the other hand, we also think quality is more important. We prefer home accessories that last longer and really suit us. We also don't want our living space to be cluttered with frills. We'd rather save up for a quality and durable item, than clutter up our interior. We see more and more tranquillity and minimalism.

Round shapes and a soft touch

Because we are (have been) in the house a lot and want to feel more at home as a result, comfort in the living room and bedroom plays an important role. In the living trends of 2022, you can see this reflected in round shapes and a soft look. For example, a sofa with round shapes, a round or oval dining table is increasingly popular. Also on the wall we see many round shapes, such as wall circles, round mirrors and round paintings. The fabrics of furniture may be nice and soft, rich and fluffy, think teddy, velvet, satin and cotton. The home office is also getting more attention. Instead of making it more businesslike, we are going for a more homely atmosphere, with a serious touch. Here, too, we see more organic shapes and softness in colors and materials in the interior design trends for 2022!

Living room with two wall circles of a vase with flowers and the inside of a stone.

Durability, quality and functionality

Following on from the materials, the living trends of 2022 show that sustainability will continue to play an important role in various ways. We want everything timeless, natural, raw, handmade or just luxurious. As long as the furniture or home accessory standsthe test of timeand does not need to be replaced quickly. Structures are also important, because we want to stimulate our senses. Home decoration should not only look good, but also feel good. In addition, it should be user-friendly and functional. Especially in these times, everything is used a lot in the home. So the sturdier or stronger it is, the more hands it can hold. It is also increasingly relevant that furniture is less bulky. Think of round modular sofas and coffee tables that consist of several parts. This way, you can easily give each room a different function.

More attention to these (new) living styles in 2022

There are popular and timeless living styles that we will see again in 2022, but then in an extra fresh look. Think of Country Industrial, Scandinavian or Boho Chic. The emerging interior design trends are the (renewed) living styles from the 90s, the retro style and minimalism. Design furniture is becoming increasingly popular. Living items should be more unique, more stylish and more special. They can be more artistic, daring and self-made. The homeliness is found more in nostalgia, comfort and functionality. But the atmosphere may breathe a 'new beginning'. For a fresh start in 2022, with hopefully more prosperity for everyone. We want to move forward and you can do that in your interior too!

The living trends of HIP ORGNL®.

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